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10,000 USD
10,250 USD
Timed auction
Lot location
Mulitple Locations, Kentucky
International 3788 2+2
Serial # 08519
Hours: 4861 Showing at time of listing
Engine Type: 7.6L 190 HP diesel
Rear Tires: 18.4 R28 Rear Dual Firestone
Front Tires: Firestone 420/85R38

Details and Features: Cab, A/C, Articulating four wheel drive, Radio does  not work, Tears in seat, 3 sets of rear remotes, Western dash package.

Location of Equipment: Elberta, AL

Fastline Auctions Online Auction - May 23, 2024
Auction address
See Lot Description
Mulitple Locations, KY
United States
Fastline Auctions Online Auction - May 23, 2024

Auction dates
Starts: May 06, 2024 10:00 AM ET
Ends from: May 23, 2024 11:00 AM ET
Auction currency
Accepted cards for payment
Other payment methods
Buyer is responsible for all shipping cost and must work directly with seller or another transportation company.

Total Fees added to the winning bidder will be 7%.
The break down of that fee is:

  • Buyer's Premium: 5%
  • Internet Premium: 2%

All auction-specific terms and conditions are unique to Fastline Auctions. It is your sole responsibility as a registered bidder to review the Terms and Conditions before placing bids. By bidding on and buying auction assets on and its affiliated websites are subject to the following terms and conditions set forth.


1. Terms of Website Use for this site:

A. The auction-specific terms and conditions is unique to Fastline Auctions, it is your sole responsibility as the buyer to review the Terms and Conditions before placing a bid.

2. The following general auction terms and conditions:

a. FASTLINE AUCTIONS (Fastline Marketing Group, LLC) AND SELLER PRESENT ALL AUCTION ASSETS TO BUYERS AS IS, UNSUPPORTED, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. FASTLINE AUCTIONS AND SELLER DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANT ABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Assets are sold in their actual current condition, with all faults, defects and errors and omissions. Fastline Auctions liability to a purchaser will never exceed the purchase price actually paid for an asset. Hours and/or mileage may vary and is not guaranteed or warranted to be accurate or correct.
b. Bidders accept all auction assets with all faults, whether or not immediately apparent. Bidders are responsible for ascertaining actual current condition through personal inspection and careful review of the description, pictures, video and/or support documentation. Every bidder agrees that his or her decision to bid and the amount he or she bids have been based solely on his or her own independent inspection and evaluation of the auction assets. Bidders are strongly advised by Fastline Auctions to take care to satisfy all questions or concerns about the auction process, bidding process or auction assets before placing a bid. Fastline Auctions is not responsible for any loss, injury or death due to inspection of an auction asset. Inspection and contact information for the seller of every asset is posted in the item description for that asset.

c. Inspection. Equipment in the auction has not been functionally tested. Assets are sold in their condition at the time of listing with all faults, defects, errors, and omissions. Fastline Auctions makes no guarantee or warranty of condition or operability of any kind.

It is the bidder's responsibility to contact the seller and inspect the item prior to bidding in order to make their own determination as to the item's condition and suitability for use. In no event does a bidders failure to contact the seller or failure to inspect an item prior to bidding serve as grounds for collapsing the sale, rescinding the transaction, abandoning the asset or filing a dispute. If after reviewing a claim, in Fastline Auction's decides there are no grounds for dispute, the transaction will be considered closed. At such time, refusal to take possession of the auction asset after will result in forfeiture of the purchase price and any applicable fees and taxes. Fastline Auctions is not responsible for any statements made by the seller about the item.

d. Fastline Auctions Does Not Guarantee Actual Hours/Miles; We Report What is Shown on the Meter at the Time of Listing. This Item was not Functionally Tested and no guarantees on condition or operability are made by Fastline Auctions. It is the bidder's responsibility to inspect the item, prior to bidding, and make their own assessment as to the item's condition and suitability for use. Everything is Sold 'As Is, Where Is. Fastline Auctions is not responsible for any statements about the item made by the Seller.
e. If the pictures displayed with descriptions do not appear to match, contact or call (800) 626-6409 to report the auction date and item number.


a. You understand that all Fastline auctions are absolute, no reserves (Unless otherwised stated), no one bidding for you, shill bidding, price manipulation and no buybacks. Shill bidding is illegal and will not be tolerated by Fastline Auctions. Unacceptable bidding behavior includes but is not limited to bids placed on behalf of or for the seller, their employees, family, or anyone with a financial interest in the sale of the equipment. You agree not to use an alias or collude with others to make an offer directly or indirectly, or place bids on behalf of or for the seller. Fastline may, at its discretion, remove bids and/or ban you from future use of the auction. Any bidders thought to or caught to be in violation of the terms in this paragraph will be investigated and may be prosecuted.


a. Buyers are responsible for the cost and arrangement of auction asset mobilization, disassembly, rigging, transport, insurance and all other costs related to physical transfer of auction assets from their location. All risk of loss during the transportation of the auctioned item shall be borne by the buyer. Fastline Auctions is not responsible for or involved in the preparation for and transportation of any auction assets, this is the responsibility of the buyer, and is not responsible for any loss, injury or death due to removal of an auction asset.

b. Removal Times. Unless otherwise specified on the auction asset, all assets purchased must be picked up within twenty-one (21) days after the auction closes. Items not picked up within the 21 days may be charged a storage fee as defined below.

c. Storage Fees. After the 21 days after the auction closes, the Seller can charge a storage fee per auction asset, not to exceed $15 USD per day per asset until the item may be considered an Abandoned Asset as defined below.


a. Policies on Abandoned Auction Items and Forfeiture: By bidding, the bidder and buyer agree that Fastline Auctions may declare an auction item abandoned when a buyer fails to make full payment for the auctioned item by the payment deadline stated in the auction and/or invoice or when a buyer fails to remove an auction item from its auctioned location within 21 days of the auction closing unless otherwise specified on the auction asset or agreed to in writing between the buyer and seller. The risk of loss during the transportation and storage of the auctioned item shall be borne by the buyer. When Fastline Auctions declares an auction item abandoned, it may take the following steps in its sole discretion.
b. Unless other provisions are agreed to in writing for the collection and removal of a sold auction item, if a sold auction item is not removed from the auction location within forty-five (45) days of the auction closing date, the buyer agrees that the Seller may consider the item abandoned after forty five days (45 days) and that it may be retained, resold, transferred, or otherwise disposed of by Seller in accordance with applicable Law, including, but not limited to, recovery of Seller's attorney fees and expenses if permitted after the forty five day period. Abandoning the asset will result in forfeiture of the purchase price and any applicable fees or taxes.

a. While Fastline Auctions will make every effort to assist bidders, we do not accept absentee bids. Please utilize the maximum bid feature.

a. Fastline Auctions reserves the right to rescind or reject all bids on any item for any reason.

a. Buyers agree not to retract any bid they place on the site. Bidders may only place bids on their personal account. Any bidder suspected of placing bids on the behalf of the seller or other individual will have their bids removed. If you are having problems bidding on your account, immediately contact Fastline Auctions corporate office for assistance.

a. All sales are subject to appropriate state sales tax laws. Winning bidders have the burden of proving their exemption from sales taxes to Fastline Auctions. In addition, Fastline will collect Sales Tax or Sales Tax exemption certificates from the Buyer, as applicable, and remit to the taxing jurisdiction. Sales tax rates and taxability will be determined based on the applicable state laws.

a. Assets will not be released to buyers until full payment to Fastline Auctions has been received and funds confirmed. Buyers will be required to provide a copy of the Paid in Full invoice to the seller before taking possession. Take this with you or provide the seller with an electronic copy.

a. Fastline Auction has full discretion to collapse, modify the date and time, order, and details of the sale of any auction asset or conduct of any auction for any reason or no reason at all, without explanation, including but not limited to technical issues, shill bidding or suspect of, emergencies, and convenience of Fastline Auction or the Seller. You acknowledge that Fastline reserves the right to collapse any sale between you and the Seller for any reason at any time and may return any or all funds to you, the Buyer at its discretion.

b. A Collapsed Sale shall be a sale that for any reason becomes null and void.

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